Outdoor Civil Wedding in a wonderful valley

Wedding in Cilento, South Italy

Wedding Video in Cilento, South Italy | G + R | Alfredo Mareschi Videographer

Short Film | Wedding Video in a wonderful valley in Cilento (South Italy).

Civil Ceremony Outdoors

The Spouses: Giuseppe e Rosa

Wedding Location: Il Poggio di Vallelunga

Wedding Videographer: Alfredo Mareschi

The bride: My love,

your every gesture and your every glance remind me how lucky I am.

I love when you look at me and smile, I love when you caress me and hold me in a single hug.

I love you, with my heart, and this cannot be explained 


The groom: With this ring, I intend to seal my promises, so that it is the manifest sign of my sincere commitment and love. I love you


I cannot promise you that I will never leave again, we do not know if life will lead us to make this choice again, but I promise you, firmly, that we will be together, always

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Wedding Videographer in South Italy